Structured Cabling Solutions

LAN-TEL Communications offers a full suite of the most advanced structured cabling solutions that address the requirements of all market segments.

Structured Cabling Solutions

LAN-TEL Communications provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge structured cabling solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of various market segments.

Our seasoned professionals are highly trained and certified to handle all low voltage solutions, spanning from conventional copper-based infrastructure to state-of-the-art fiber solutions. We seamlessly manage every aspect of your project, commencing with the initial installation and extending to ongoing maintenance and updates in the realm of structured cabling solutions.

Our commitment is to ensure the long-term support and reliability of your system for years to come.

Copper/Fiber Cabling Solutions

The LAN-TEL Communications team comprises seasoned professionals who are adeptly trained and certified to install and maintain a customized cabling system tailored to your specific requirements. We are dedicated to guiding and supporting you throughout every stage of your project.

Copper Cabling Systems:

  • Category 5e
  • Category 6
  • Category 6a
  • Data center

Fiber Optic Systems:

  • Air blown fiber
  • Data center
  • Multi-building backbone
  • Outside plant

Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

LAN-TEL Communications has elevated its proficiency in structured cabling and forged strategic partnerships with top-tier audiovisual integrators in the industry. This collaboration enables us to deliver comprehensive audiovisual solutions tailored to your business needs.

Through our seamless relationships with these partners, we are equipped to provide cutting-edge end-to-end audiovisual solutions precisely when and where you need them.

  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Learning
  • Telepresence
  • Video Displays

Sound Masking Solutions

A sound masking, also known as a speech privacy system, involves the incorporation of either natural or artificial sounds into an environment to obscure or “mask” human speech and other disruptive noises that can hinder workplace focus or raise privacy concerns.

Typically, this “masking” sound is introduced via a speech privacy system situated in the ceiling or beneath the flooring.

Air Blown Fiber Solutions

Fiber optic infrastructure capabilities have advanced significantly, offering greater bandwidth with reduced physical space requirements compared to traditional fiber backbone systems. This technology proves particularly effective in addressing challenges related to hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas.

  • CCTV/Security
  • Traditional Voice and VoIP
  • LANs
  • WANs

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Solutions

LAN-TEL Communications has collaborated with top DAS providers in the industry to deliver cutting-edge wireless communication technology. Our comprehensive range of DAS solutions is designed to fulfill your facility’s wireless communication and life safety needs both now and in the future.

  • Data Transmission
  • Indoor/Outdoor Networks
  • Wi-Fi & Broadband Coverage
  • Wireless Communication

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