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LAN-TEL Communications has extensive experience working and partnering with state and local government entities. We understand the unique requirements needed for installation and maintenance of structured cabling and security solutions and are qualified to provide services listed under the following contracts.


Telecommunications / Data Infrastructure Cabling Services and Maintenance

LAN-TEL Communications has a long history of partnering with municipalities throughout Massachusetts and with state and local agencies to provide the installation and maintenance of state-of-the-art structured cabling solutions.

LAN-TEL Communications is pleased to provide ITC68 customers with extremely competitive rates for its installation and maintenance services.


Security, Surveillance, Monitoring & Access Control Systems State Contract (Category 2 and 3 Services)

LAN-TEL Communications offers the latest security systems for present and future security and safety requirements. Our highly trained and experienced team is ready to serve the Commonwealth and its cities and towns.

LAN-TEL Communications is pleased to provide its customers services for Category 2 and Category 3 on the ITC71 Contract. Category 2 is security integration services including equipment, systems, supplies, installation, design services, training, service and maintenance, and technical support for all equipment and related services. Category 3 is security systems monitoring services and includes providing remote monitoring for security systems.

LAN-TEL offers extremely competitive rates for the installation, integration, monitoring and maintenance of security services.


Certification for Structured Cabling and Security Systems

LAN-TEL Communications is certified by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide the following categories of services:

  • Alarm Systems
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Telecommunications Systems

LAN-TEL Communications’ DCAMM Certification Number is 0022 and its MA State Vendor. Code is VC6000177274.

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