IT Infrastructure Solutions

Explore LAN-TEL Communications' end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions, including cabling, data centers, and security integration.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

LAN-TEL Communications provides comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions through a team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals.

Our IT Infrastructure group offers complete solutions, data center infrastructure, and seamless integration of security systems. LAN-TEL Communications is your go-to destination for all your IT infrastructure requirements.

As your trusted advisor, we have established partnerships with top-tier IT hardware and software providers to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

The Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure allows organizations to operate using a mixture of private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises data storage, computing, networking, and IT systems. LAN-TEL offers a wide mix of cloud and on-premises solutions to fit complex configurations to fit your business needs.

  • RMAS – Remote monitoring, administration, and remediation.
  • Cloud based Network and Wireless Cloud controlled Infrastructure.
  • On-Prem / Cloud Network Engineered solutions.
  • Cloud based data storage for secure and reliable data access.
  • Hybrid Compute Virtualization of critical infrastructure.

Managed Services

LAN-TEL Communications can manage your on-premises and cloud-based user systems. From day-to-day IT support, system backups, and anti-virus, to full system deployments, our skilled engineers will tailor solutions to align with your current and future growth requirements.
  • End-User Support
  • Anti-Virus as a Service
  • Cloud Based System Backups
  • Office 365 Deployment and Management
  • Equipment Refresh Projects
  • End-User Remote Strategies

Networking Engineering Services

Network engineering services at LAN-TEL can help your business plan for new initiatives and expand and improve the existing network infrastructure and security appliances. Network architects provide solutions to traffic congestion, infrastructure upgrades, routine troubleshooting issues, and giving business owners ultimate peace of mind with streamlined, secure, and highly functional network systems.

  • Network Architecture
  • Network Detailed Design
  • Security Design
  • Design Review and Verification
  • Migration Planning
  • Test Planning
  • Integration Planning
  • Migration Workshops/Training

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