Structured Cabling Solutions

LAN-TEL Communications offers a full suite of the most advanced structured cabling solutions that address the requirements of all market segments. Our team of experienced professionals is trained and certified to install and maintain all low voltage solutions; from traditional copper-based infrastructure to cutting-edge fiber solutions, throughout every phase of your project, beginning with initial install and continuing with maintenance and updating the latest in structured cabling solutions and continue to support your system for years to come.

Copper/Fiber Cabling Solutions

LAN-TEL Communications’ group of experienced professionals is trained and certified to install and maintain a cabling system based on your needs and is committed to assisting you through every phase of your project.


  • Category 5E
  • Category 6
  • Category 6A
  • Data Center


  • Air Blown Fiber
  • Data Center
  • Multi-Building Backbone
  • Outside Plant

Copper/Fiber Cabling PARTNERS:

Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

LAN-TEL Communications has taken its structured cabling expertise to the next level and partnered with some of the industry’s leading audio visual integrators in order to provide your business with all of the audio visual solutions you require. We have established seamless relationships with our partners that allow us to offer you state-of-the-art, end-to-end audio visual solutions when and where you need them.

  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Learning
  • Telepresence
  • Video Displays

Sound Masking Solutions

A sound masking (or speech privacy) system provides the addition of either natural or artificial sounds into an environment in order to cover up or “mask” human speech or other sounds that cause distraction in the workplace or lead to privacy issues. Generally, the “masking” sound is introduced into the environment through a speech privacy system that is located in the ceiling or under a flooring system.

Sound Masking Partners:

Air Blown Fiber Solutions

Fiber optic infrastructure capabilities have evolved and this technology allows for more bandwidth while requiring less physical capacity than traditional fiber backbone systems. It is an effective solution for hard-to-reach spaces or areas that are difficult to access.

  • CCTV/Security
  • Traditional Voice and VoIP
  • LANs
  • WANs

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Solutions

LAN-TEL Communications has partnered with the industry’s leading DAS providers to offer the most recent advancements in wireless communication technology. Our full complement of DAS solutions will meet your facility’s wireless communication and life safety requirements today and for years to come.

  • Data Transmission
  • Indoor/Outdoor Networks
  • Wi-Fi & Broadband Coverage
  • Wireless Communication

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