Mobile Action Command Unit

LAN-TEL’s Mobile Access Command Unit (MACU) is the answer to external surveillance and public safety.

The MACU is a mobile, all hazards platform that is designed to service our customers in times of disaster, mass casualty events, preplanned large-scale gatherings, and any occurrence involving the need for interagency or interdepartmental coordination and communication. It is a rapidly deployed video platform with full integration capabilities to a location’s standing system.

Our Mobile Command Unit features the latest in public safety and security technologies including:

  • 7 exterior, high-definition cameras
  • Video analytics and biometric features
  • Thermal imaging
  • Multiple monitors to view all cameras simultaneously
  • Seating for 6-8 people
  • Wireless access for laptops, devices, and equipment
  • Wireless microphone and speaker
  • Outdoor shooter detection

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