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The health, safety and well-being of the LAN-TEL Communications team, our clients, and the communities in which we serve and live is our most important consideration today during the COVID-19 crisis, and always. As we respond to the ever-changing circumstances related to the coronavirus, we will take all steps necessary to reduce pressure on our healthcare professionals and our local communities, while at the same time, to ensure that our region’s critical facilities that serve the public remain secure.

Responding to Emergent Needs of Cities and Towns throughout the Crisis
LAN-TEL currently has key management and administrative staff members, working directly in our Norwood headquarters, and additional staff working remotely to ensure all client and partner needs are promptly addressed. If this should change, due to government or CDC guidelines we will keep you informed.

In the field, LAN-TEL has more than 60 of the region’s most experienced technicians currently providing critical security system and IT system services to support our partners in healthcare, law enforcement, public and private schools, prisons, and in public facilities throughout Greater Boston and the region.

Emergency Security Solutions for Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Police & Fire Departments, and Educational Facilities
Since the COVID-19 crisis began in Massachusetts and public safety guidelines have been employed in Boston and Cambridge, LAN-TEL is responding to calls by city and town officials and facility managers throughout eastern Massachusetts to provide enhanced emergency security systems and infrastructure cabling.

LAN-TEL is currently planning to deploy advanced security system solutions for prospective COVID-19 screening, triage and testing sites.

Among the dozens of emergency security system solutions currently being engineering and installed at sites throughout the region are: Quick Deploy Cameras; Thermal Cameras for Elevated Body Temperature Screening; Pinpoint Duress Systems; Remote Monitoring Access Solutions.

LAN-TEL will do whatever is necessary and within our power to keep our communities and partners in healthcare and law enforcement secure. Please contact our Director of Security, John Grennon at (781) 551- 8599 or or Director of IT Mike French at with any emergent needs or questions. And, please stay safe… follow CDC guidelines.

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