May Product of the Month: CommonPath Nurse Call System

By Critical Alert Systems

CommonPath is the nurse call industry’s first software application programming interface (API) that allows healthcare facilities to build customized nurse call systems. LAN-TEL offers cutting-edge telecommunications, security, and IT infrastructure solutions and services to ensure its customers are connected and protected.

What it is…

A flexible, highly reliable, and secure nurse call solution for hospitals and healthcare organizations with a focus on the clinical workflow and native integration with communications and clinical systems, eliminating the need for costly middleware.

How it Works…

CommonPath features an embedded real-time locating solution that automatically identifies and tracks the location of staff members and hospital assets through a small, light-weight badge that transmits information to receivers installed throughout the facility, automatically initiating or closing the patient request and eliminating the need for pressing manual buttons on patient stations which allows caregivers to focus on patient care and quickly respond to patient needs and requests.

The Facts…

  • Flexible, highly-reliable & secure
  • Software-based nurse call system
  • End-to-end reporting capabilities
  • Customizable clinical workflows
  • More functionality with less cost
  • Clinical consultation & training

Real Life Scenarios…

  • Any type of patient call or request in a healthcare facility- offered in four operational modes:
  • Centralized Mode: patient calls are answered by a centralized operator who then directs the message to appropriate responders
  • Unit-Based Mode: patient calls are answered by a desk clerk at the nurse’s station on each unit
  • Direct to Caregiver Mode: all patient calls are sent directly to a caregiver’s mobile device
  • Hybrid Mode: healthcare units choose to operate in different modes or toggle between modes by unit, time of day, staffing levels, etc.

For More Information About CommonPath, Contact Vickie Balaschi at

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