Massachusetts Task Force on School Safety and Security

August 21st, 2014

In January of 2014, Governor Deval Patrick signed Executive Order 548, establishing a Cross-Secretariat Task Force on School Safety and Security in Massachusetts.

In an effort to enhance safety policies and procedures in schools throughout Massachusetts, including public districts, charter schools, independent schools and parochial schools, Executive Order 548 recommends best practice security measures to all involved in school emergency preparedness.

LAN-TEL offers security solutions that address the four priorities that make up the framework of the Task Force plan.

Massachusetts Task Force’s Emergency Management Cycle

LAN-TEL’s Security Solutions

CCTV/Video Surveillance: IP and analog closed-circuit television cameras for indoor and outdoor use with high-definition and thermal imaging options

Video Platforms & Software: users are able to upload, convert, store, share and record video

Wireless Antennas: enables transmission between the school and local law enforcement or first responders

Access Control Systems: allows for control of all entrances/exits with door controllers and card readers, bio-metric/facial recognition, visitor management capabilities, integrated panic buttons for lockdown with the ability to communicate with first responders via mobile device or intercom

Crisis Alert System: Educators send color-coded alerts to administrators and first responders through networked devices, RFID readers, or push buttons. Law enforcement and first responders receive a dynamic floor plan with real-time, accurate updates on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop allowing real time communication with first responders.

Intrusion Detection: detects, identifies and prevents unauthorized persons from entering the facility or breaching system networks

Video Intercom: allows user to identify and communicate with individuals attempting to enter the facility

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