June Product of the Month: Unified Cloud Communications Solution

 By Star2Star Communications

Improve employee productivity and collaboration while reducing costs with world’s most complete cloud-based unified communications solution. LAN-TEL offers cutting-edge telecommunications, security, and IT infrastructure solutions and services to ensure its customers are connected and protected.

What it is…

A scalable Voice over IP system with unified communications (UC) features that integrate customers’ voice, video, mobile, and fax capabilities into a reliable, easy-to-use system that reduces costs while improving employees’ productivity and collaboration.

How it Works…

This end-to-end UC solution uses blended architecture, which combines the benefits of on-premises hardware with that of cloud-based services, to seamlessly merge all communications applications into a single system.


The Facts…

  • Integrated & continuous monitoring
  • Remote management for 1 or more locations from a single screen
  • Flexible, redundant networking configuration
  • Long life and high reliability
  • Self-monitoring capabilities
  • Customizable for all business sizes

Real Life Scenarios…

  • Advanced call routing, management & reporting
  • Conference calling anywhere, anytime
  • Customer database integration
  • Innovative disaster recovery
  • Automatically view, forward, print or download faxes to your computer
  • Instant messaging for ongoing productivity
  • Increased mobility with smartphone applications
  • Improving unified communications for organizations of all sizes and industries

*LAN-TEL has installed the Star2Star solution at their company headquarters as well as in many other organizations.

For More Information About Unified Cloud Communications from Star2Star, Contact Vickie Balaschi at vbalaschi@lan-tel.com

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