Case Study: Security Solutions for Yarmouth Natural Resources

October 15th, 2014

“LAN-TEL has been fantastic; easy to work with and very accommodating. Their customer service and assistance with understanding our new operating system and responding to our service needs has been outstanding.”
-Director Karl vonHone,Yarmouth Natural Resources

The Organization

Yarmouth Division of Natural Resources, headed by Director Karl vonHone, is dedicated to protecting, preserving, promoting, and managing the town’s natural resources, waters, and wildlife.

Within the Natural Resource Division there are 5 major departments:

  • Environmental Law Enforcement & Management
    • Enforces environmental regulations & laws
    • Manages 2,000 acres of conservation land, over 29 miles of trails and access roads, and 66 acres of cranberry bogs
    • Investigates wildlife issues
  • Shellfish
    • Manages shellfishery & aquaculture
    • Monitors water quality
    • Commercial & recreational licensing
    • Enforces laws pertaining to shellfish harvest & propagation
  • Waterways
    • Owns & operates 4 marinas, 500 moorings, and 4 embayments
  • Harbormaster
    • Responds to mariner distress
    • Aid & ensure safe water navigation
    • Oversees maintenance dredging
    • Enforces maritime regulations & laws
  • Animal Control
    • Enforces domestic animal regulations & laws
    • Provides public education & outreach

The Challenge

As a small-staffed division with a large amount of responsibility and vast area of coverage, the personnel at Yarmouth Natural Resources believed that an upgrade to their surveillance system would increase the safety and security of the town’s residents and summer visitors.

They also felt a current and up-to-date security system would help alleviate some of the issues they have been facing in their areas of coverage, including:

Environmental Law Enforcement, Management, & Animal Control

  • Vandalism & misuse of town land, waters, and other property
  • Illegal hunting and fishing
  • Recreational vehicle enforcement
  • Wildlife Habitat Management
  • Ensuring humane treatment of all domestic animals

Harbormaster, Waterways, & Shellfish

  • Boat break-ins & theft at harbors and marinas
  • Unlawful commercial & recreational fishing in town rivers and bays
  • Illicit activities at waterway access points & other premises
  • Monitoring of vessel break downs & distress calls
  • Ensuring proper execution of evacuation & safety procedures
  • Maximizing protection to slip holders

“We are continually working on rectifying the issues we face by adding more cameras and adjusting those cameras to optimize our ability to monitor our areas.”

The Solution

When the decision to upgrade the existing system came to fruition and the funding was in place, the Yarmouth Police Department recommended LAN-TEL for the job based on previous work the security integrator had completed for the police department.

LAN-TEL was asked to upgrade the division’s video management system and install additional cameras to key locations identified by Karl vonHone, the division’s director. With the new upgrade in place, staff members are allowed greater operating capabilities which include camera control for panning, tilting, and zooming, and high definition viewing. The Yarmouth Police and Fire Departments are able to view and manage the system; however, the Division of Natural Resources has primary control over the system.

“The new software is easy to use and has provided us with tremendous flexibility for both the existing and newly installed cameras.”

The Results

The town is continually using the CCTV surveillance system to solve and prevent crimes as well as manage and monitor daily activities. To date, the system has allowed local law enforcement to recover stolen property, identify and obtain offenders, and resolve issues. With the new system in place, potential violators are deterred from breaking both local and state laws, and local residents and visitors are reassured of their safety.

“We have used the recordings in the recovery of property and identifying the culprits in boat break-ins, theft, vandalism, and illicit activity investigations. The high powered, PTZ cameras allow us to zoom in where needed. Based on input from other staff members, the police department, and LAN-TEL, we see a lot of future potential to add more cameras and assets to our system. We are looking into the possibility of installing more fixed cameras facing the marinas so we can allow slip holders to access and view the cameras remotely, allowing them to monitor their boats whenever they want.”
– Director Karl vonHone, Yarmouth Natural Resources

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