Case Study: A Better Security Solution for Cunningham Park

“We’re very happy with the work LAN-TEL did installing the system. Their customer service has really made a difference to us; I know I can call them anytime and they’ll be there to assist us.”
– David Wahlgren, Park Manager

The Organization

Established in 1904 as private recreational facility in the Town of Milton by the Cunningham Family, Cunningham Park has integrated its prominent history and landscape with its very first state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance system.

The Park is operated and managed by a board of six trustees who oversee the entire 150-acre property which is open all year to Milton town residents and offers:

  • Baseball & softball fields
  • Tennis court
  • Walking & running trails
  • Eight indoor bowling alleys
  • Civic meeting hall
  • One of the largest swimming pools in the area

One of the biggest draws to Cunningham Park is the football field-sized pool that holds 1.5 million gallons of the Park’s own spring and well water.

The Challenge

Recently, the Chief of the Milton Police Department recommended to the Cunningham Park board members that a modern security system be installed in response to nuisance issues they were experiencing. The Park’s reported issues included:

  • Property damage & vandalism
  • Prohibited after-hours trespassing
  • Illegal drinking & possession of alcoholic beverages

When asked which of the Park’s problems was their biggest concern, Park Manager Dave Wahlgren said,

“The dock area in the pool is where we have the majority of our issues and it’s a common place for kids to trespass and hang out after hours when there’s no staff on. Our main priority is safety.”

The Solution

In response to the Police Department’s request, LAN-TEL installed a multi-camera CCTV surveillance system throughout the Park’s property, particular focus was placed on the pool, during both normal operating hours and after hours. Other areas included were the parking lot and entrance to the park as well as the playground beside the pool which also captured the rear view of the pool.

Of distinct importance is the feature that allows employees to view and monitor the video surveillance system during the Park’s normal hours of operation. However, both parties have the ability to view and monitor the system at any time.

“The camera angles and clarity are great and I’m really pleased with how easily I can monitor and operate the system from my desktop. Our pool staff are particularly happy with the new security addition, it brings a nice comfort factor to them.”

The system was deployed just in time for the June 16th grand opening of the Park’s pool for the season.

The Results

As the summer comes to a close, Dave reported on the results of Cunningham Park’s first-ever security system.

“The cameras worked out great. This summer was the first in years that we didn’t have trouble with people, “kids”, in the pool during after hours for ten weeks. The parking lot camera lead to an arrest of a man breaking into a car and stealing a pocketbook which contained $300.00. The police reviewed the tape. recognized the man, and arrested him after confessing to the crime. The cameras are working great. The access to use the cameras is great. A job well done.”
– David Wahlgren, Park Manager

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