LAN-TEL Partners with ASR Threat Alert Systems

Who is ASR?

With a 30-year career as a law enforcement officer and as a Navy SEAL, ASR’s President, Hector Delgado, has conducted hundreds of hours of training seminars on the active shooter epidemic plaguing our nation. Real-time critical information was a common thread that appeared to present itself at every active shooter incident. With Hector’s understanding of the dynamics of critical incident management and communications, ASR was born. ASR was developed to fill the void of passing real-time critical information to first responders and all those under attack. Hector’s philosophy was to think as a responder, victim, and attacker which has allowed him to transfer his knowledge and experience to the ASR Team and philosophy.

“Our system empowers everyone to notify local first responders, 911 dispatch, and all personnel within their facility in an active shooter/assailant situation with the simple push of a button. The notification pinpoints and provides the exact location of the threat. This not only helps police respond immediately with accurate information, but it also helps everyone involved to know where the threat is located so they can run away from the threat, not towards it. There is no question that the ASR Alert System can make a difference, we truly believe that saving time saves lives!” -Hector Delgado, President, ASR

What is the ASR Threat Alert System?

The technology behind the ASR Threat Alert System is the backbone of the product and its ability to help save lives.  With the simple push of a button, immediate alerts are transmitted to the appropriate first responders and internal administrative or security teams.  The signal is transmitted utilizing a wall mounted device, a personal lanyard device or through an optional mobile application.  This signal travels instantaneously, direct to the first responders.  The location of the emergency event is not subject to 911 interpretation but rather is provided with a great deal of specificity within a facility or campus environment.  In fact, the signal may be integrated with facility floor plans, facility camera systems and other life safety systems such as gunshot detection.  These applications are designed to be deployed in both interior and exterior environments making them ideal for almost any application.

Why did LAN-TEL choose to bring the ASR System to our customers?

After long consideration and evaluation of many products that deal in the emergency alert space, LAN-TEL Communications, time and time again, came back to ASR Alert Systems as the cream of the crop.  Their patented critical incident alert notification system was by far the best one we investigated and vetted.  Not only is the product superior to many others but the customer service, engineering support and corporate governance exude further confidence in both the product and their comprehensive support team.  While ASR is a system with a broad spectrum of targeted environments, the specialization of the ASR team specific to the threat of active shooter is clearly demonstrated in the overall quality and functionality of the product.  It truly is a game changer, and we believe in its ability to help save lives.
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