Welcome to LAN-TEL’s homepage for the ITC54 Massachusetts State Contract. LAN-TEL has a long history of partnering with municipalities throughout Massachusetts and with state and local agencies to provide the installation and maintenance of state-of-the-art structured cabling solutions.

LAN-TEL’s ITC54 Team

Feel free to contact our ITC54 team members listed below directly
or request our service.

  • userSteve Mahon, Director of Operations
  • phonePhone: 781.352.4638
  • faxFax: 781.551.8667
  • emailE-Mail:

  • userJeff Bodio, Assistant Controller
  • phonePhone: 781.352.2641
  • faxFax: 781.551.8667
  • emailE-Mail:

LAN-TEL’s Pricing Package

LAN-TEL is pleased to provide ITC54 customers with extremely competitive rates for its installation and maintenance services. Please click here to view pricing for all the manufacturers supported by LAN-TEL and to view ITC54 labor rates.

As part of its competitive pricing, LAN-TEL offers its customers generous discounts for prompt payment of invoices as follows:

LAN-TEL’s Prompt Pay Discount

Payments made in 10 days = 2.5% discount off of quoted price
Payments made in 15 days = 2.25% discount off of quoted price
Payments made in 20 days = 2.0% discount off of quoted price
Payments made in 30 days = 1.75% discount off of quoted price