GSA Schedule 84

total solutions for law enforcement, security & facilities management

Welcome to LAN-TEL’s homepage for the GSA Schedule 84 Contract for Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security and Facilities Management. Under this contract, LAN-TEL provides state-of-the-art access control, video surveillance and intercom systems.


Feel free to contact our GSA team members listed below or request our service.

  • userKate Waldron, Vice President
  • phonePhone: 781.551.8599, ext. 124
  • faxFax: 781.551.8667
  • emailE-Mail:

  • userJohn Bartolomucci, Director of Security Services
  • phonePhone: 781.551.8599, ext. 115
  • faxFax: 781.551.8667
  • emailE-Mail:

LAN-TEL’s GSA Contract Number for Schedule 84 is #GS-07F-0239X

The services and their corresponding Special Identification Numbers (SINs) are as follows:

Sin Description
246-35 1 Access Control Systems, Door entry control by card access, magnetic proximity
246-35 2 Access Control Systems, Door entry control by touch access, dial, digital, keyboard
246-35-3 Access Control Systems, Parking Access Control
246-35 4 Access Control Systems, Emergency exit door access/alarm systems for security
246-35 5 Access Control Systems, Vehicle Arrest/Security Barrier/Barricade/Bollard Systems
246-35 6 Other Access Control Systems
246-40 Intrusion Alarms and Signal Systems
246-42 1 Facility Management Systems
246-42 2 Facility Management Systems
246-42 3 Facility Management Systems
246-50 Ancillary Services relating to Security/Facility Management Systems
246-51 Installation of Security/Facility Management Systems Requiring Construction
246-52 Professional Security/Facility Management Services
246-60 1 Security Systems Integration and Design Services
246-60 2 Security Management and Support Services

LAN-TEL’s Pricing Package

LAN-TEL is pleased to provide its customers with extremely competitive rates for the installation and maintenance of security services. Please click here to view LAN-TEL’s labor and material pricing.

As part of its competitive pricing, LAN-TEL offers its customers significant discounts for prompt payment of invoices as follows:

LAN-TEL’s Prompt Pay Discount for GSA Schedule

Payments made in 20 days = 1.25% discount off of quoted price
Payments made in 30 days = 1.00% discount off of quoted price